Student Projects

Experiential Learning: Expanding Leadership Self-Efficacy

Jennie Pitman, Brandon Sorge, Katrenia Reed Hughes

Experiential Learning is a process of learning based on reflection of experiences and the capacity to develop new behaviors and habits from those experiences.

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Simulation of Impact Behavior of Alumina Coatings Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Model

Jian Zhang, Lingbin Meng, Sugrim Sagar, Dan Daehyun Koo, Hyunhee Choi, Yeon-Gil Jung, Heesung Park, Jing Zhang

A numerical simulation of impact behavior of alumina coatings using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method is conducted.

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Highway End-of-Queue in-Vehicle Alerting System Based on Probe Vehicle Data

Yaobin Chen, Lingxi Li, Feng Li, Renran Tian, Keyu Ruan, Dan Shen, Zahra Yarmand

Highway congestions cause a much higher crash rate compared to uncongested driving conditions. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) may cause increased driver inattention that delays driver response during highway cruising.

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Vehicle and Incident Detection and Classification from Existing INDOT CCTV Feeds

Stanley Chien, Yaobin Chen, and Zhengming Ding, TASI, IUPUI

This project is to develop an automated and intelligent traffic condition monitoring system that will (1) automatically detect the traffic density, flow rate on each lane at all locations observed by the cameras, (2) identify the number and type of vehicles passing through each road,(3) detect start and end locations of traffic jams, (4) detect accidents,(5) prioritize the importance of different incidents and notify the traffic monitoring operators for all traffic incidents and (6) provide tools to the traffic monitoring operators to quickly gather the information of the incident scene. 

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Toward Development of an IoT-based Portable Sensor System for Disease Detection from Human Breath

Sanskar S. Thakur, Ali Daneshkhah, and Mangilal Agarwal

Design, fabricate, and test nanomaterial-based sensor arrays to detect volatile biomarkers related to hypoglycemia from breath.

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Occupant Sensing Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Avinash Prabu, Siddhanth Betrabet, Rohit Patil, Harshitha Veeramachaneni, Lingxi Li, Renran Tian

Investigate in-vehicle sensing framework to monitor occupant behaviors for autonomous vehicle safety, based on representative use cases achieved from user studies.

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Creep simulation of 3D Printed Inconel 718

Harshal G Dhamade, Anudeep Padmanabhan, Abhilash Gulhane and Jing Zhang

Creep properties are critical for metals used in high temperature environment. This work aims on developing a finite element-based model for modeling the creep behaviors of a 3D printed nickel based super alloy Inconel 718.

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Lighter and stronger carbon fiber composites via interlaminar incorporation of epoxy-CNT nano scaffolds

Nojan Aliahmad, Vidya Wable, ,Nahal Aliheidari, Pias Biswas, Reza Moheimani, Mangilal Agarwal, and Hamid Dalir

Opportunity to electrospin a thermosetting CNT nanocomposite to improve interlaminar shear of composite parts.

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