Why Biomedical Engineering at IUPUI?

Resources for a Challenging Curriculum

While the BME program is challenging, our department provides endless resources for students to master content.

Peer-Led Team-Learning

Our department has our own Peer-Led Team-Learning (PLTL) experience for the 200-level courses to provide students with additional review and practice. The PLTL model emphasizes how undergraduate students who have already taken the course can help new students practice difficult course topics. The PLTL experience can also be seen in non-BME courses, such as biology and chemistry. More about PLTL can be seen here

Dedicated Staff & Faculty

Our staff and faculty at IUPUI are driven to make sure each student is successful. Course feedback is taken into account to make sure each course is the best it can be. Staff and faculty members also strive to be available for students as much as possible by holding in-person office hours (per COVID regulations) and being responsive via email. Instructors for each course are more than happy to provide students with additional information, explanation of concepts, and other resources to make sure students have the opportunity to be successful. 

Student Organizations

There are several student organizations that help students connect and collaborate. Listed below are some organizations that BME students are frequently involved in:

Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)

Tau Beta Pi

Society of Women Engineers

VIDA Health Partnerships

Graduating with Life-Long Connections

Due to the nature of the BME program and curriculum, many students graduate from IUPUI with connections to students and faculty that will last a lifetime. Oftentimes alumni will come talk to students about their experience at IUPUI, how to be a successful student, job opportunities, and what it's like to be a full-fledged biomedical engineer. Graduates from our department are always welcome to connect with us and be involved in our growing community. 

5-Year BS/MS

Program Details