Peer-Led Team Learning

Peer-Led Team Learning

PLTL is based on the teaching principle of redirection; asking questions to guide students towards a solution through their own problem solving skills. The goal is to teach student how to think about and approach difficult problems. Furthermore, PLTL focuses on small class sizes, group work and peer leadership as this is less intimidating for students to ask questions. The position of a student-leader consists of directing students every week in a workshop or lab format (depending on the class).


Workshops will each have two student-leaders, approximately 20 students for a duration of 75 minutes. Student-leaders receive leadership training along with a refresher each week from the professor over the material. Finally, this position comes with a $600 scholarship and provides an opportunity to invest in fellow students and gain invaluable leadership skills.

When making your decision, you will need to consider the following time requirements:

  • One (1) pre-semester training session
  • Weekly 1 hour meeting with professor
  • Registration in a 1 credit hour Organizational Leadership Studies class (0 or 1 credit option available)
  • Lead a weekly 75 minute workshop or lab with students

Class times vary with department, semester and class – please check the schedule of classes.