MS in Facilities Management

MS in Facilities Management

The MS degree in Facilities Management is designed to develop skills in three critical areas: 1. facilities management, 2. applied facility science, and 3. business principles and management. Students are required to complete 33 credit hours (11 courses) which includes a directed project.  The program can be completed in 2 calendar years following the prescribed plan of study.  Students can take a reduced semester course load extending the time to completion but are still required to show continuous enrollment and progress, and completing the degree within 5 years.

Degree Requirements and Course Listing

Degree RequirementsCourse Listing

Student Learning Outcomes

Completion of FM, students will be able to…..

  1. Understand the FM history, practice and profession
  2. Plan, manage and lead projects.
  3. Manage building systems, facility operations, occupant services and maintenance operations
  4. Apply assessment, management and leadership principles of facility organizations and their stakeholders
  5. Apply financial management tools to the Facility program and organization
  6. Apply human factor principles to the facility operation and stakeholders
  7. Create effective written and oral communications. 

Student Resources

Graduate Electives

Emergency Management for Facilities Personnel

Schedule: periodic/elective Prerequisite: none

This course encompasses a broad survey of emergency management topics relevant to facility managers and related personnel.  Issues such as mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, planning, risk assessment, life-safety and regulations, natural disasters and terrorism will be discussed, and opportunities for personalized planning through applied exercises will be utilized to provide enhanced understanding to the student.

Healthcare Facilities Management

Schedule: periodic/elective   Prerequisite: none

This course will provide an overview of hospital layout and associated building elements along with code compliance and functionality. Discussion includes operating rooms, medical/surgical units, OB/labor and delivery, radiology/MRI/CT/emergency department, electrical systems, plumbing systems, medical gas systems, HVAC, fire protection, telecommunications/network and maintenance/regulatory requirements.


Our Master degree combines the necessary business, management and technical skills to successfully manage a facility. Students learn the extensive scope of facilities planning and management, project management, the functionality and the relationships of building systems, financial based decision making, contractual agreements, energy management for building, management of IT infrastructure, maintenance and operations and quality and productivity in industry. These skills position our students to successfully seek employment as:

Administrative Service Manager

Facilities Administrators

Facilityies Directors

Facility Managers

Facilities Supervisors

Maintenance Managers

Office Service Managers

Operations Managers

Property Managers

Plant Managers

Space Planner

Workplace Service Manager

Admission Process

You may apply for admission to the program, if you meet the following:

Program Requirements for Direct Admit.

  • Bachelor’s Degree (in a related field, from an accredited university) - OR- Bachelor’s Degree (in a non-related field, from an accredited university and evidence of FM Professional Experience)
  • Undergraduate GPA minimum 3.0 (additional options may be available for students whose GPA is less than a 3.0)


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