Graduate Student Info

Update: Some Relaxed Purdue Graduate School Policies during this COVID-19 Pandemic

Three modifications to Purdue Graduate School policy at this time:  

  1. Preliminary and final exams may be completely (or partially) held electronically, if examining committees wish.  (Formerly, just one person could participate in an exam and not be physically present.)  This is for Spring 2020.
  2. Students in countries who are unable to receive visa documents by mail or are in countries where it’s not possible to travel – due to COVID-19, will be allowed two deferrals per application.  For example,  If a deferral is granted from Summer 2020 to Fall 2020 and the student is not able to arrive on campus in August the Graduate School would process a deferral from Fall 2020 to a future session.  This policy is only for those deferring from Summer to Fall.  If they are deferring to any other session the two deferral process will not be allowed.
  3. All currently enrolled Spring 2020 students and new Summer 2020 admits who have a Graduate School hold due to non-receipt of documents (transcripts, diplomas, English translations, etc.) listed as conditions of continued enrollment in their admission letter, now have an effective hold date of October 1, 2020.  This will allow these students to register for Summer and Fall courses when it becomes available.  



Candidacy (CAND) Registration Requirements

CAND 99100, -0- credit
In addition to submitting a Graduate Application for Graduation, candidates expecting to graduate are required to enroll in CAND 99100 plus minimum 1 credit of a fee-bearing course in the term the degree is to be awarded.  If graduation is cancelled or postponed, candidates must repeat the enrollment requirements in subsequent semester/s,

Privileged Candidacy Registration (CAND 99200 and CAND 99300, -0- credit)
Enrollment in CAND 99200 or CAND 99300 is permitted only in exceptional cases with special approval from the IUPUI Graduate Office. 

Questions concerning candidacy registration, contact Monica Henry in the IUPUI Graduate Office, UL 1170.

Forms for Students

Purdue Graduate School (GS) Forms

The following electronic forms for online submission are available via myPurdue using your Purdue Career Account login and password:

  • Doctoral (PhD) Plan of Study
  • Report of Master's Examining Committee (For department use only)
  • Request for Appointment of Examining Committee (Required for Engineering oral examination only)
  • Change to the Master's Plan of Study


Thesis Formatting

Purdue LaTeX typesetting software system is highly preferred and strongly recommended for use with thesis formatting.  LaTeX document class information is available at the following Purdue thesis websites:

Purdue Overleaf is an online collaborative scientific writing and publishing tool. It is designed to make the process of writing, editing, and producing scientific papers much quicker for both authors and publishers. It permits Rich Text or LaTeX editing, and it is easy to switch between either mode. Our students can create an account, sponsored by Purdue, using their Purdue or IUPUI emails.

Required Exam and Thesis Forms

  1. GS Form 7 Report of Master's Examining Committee
  2. GS Form 9 Thesis Acceptance Form (Available via the Purdue Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Forms website)
  3. GS Form 30 Cover page for Electronic Thesis Deposit (Available at the Purdue Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Forms website)
  4. GS Form 32 Thesis/Dissertation Agreement, Publication Delay, and Research Integrity & Copyright Disclaimer Form (Available at the Purdue Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Forms website)
  5. If thesis is confidential and confidentiality status needs to be maintained, complete GS Form 15 Request for Confidentiality