• Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 2008
  • M.S. Computer Science, Purdue University, 2004
  • B.A. Computer Science, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2002

Awards & Honors

  • Early Career Investigator Award, Indiana Clinical and Translational and Sciences Institute, 2019-2020
  • Young Investigator Award 2016, Indiana Institute for Medical Research, 5/2016
  • Sony Scholar Award 2014, Sony Corporation in America, 5/2014

Selected Publications

  • Savoy, A., Militello, L., Diiulio, J., Midboe, A. M., Weiner, M., Abbaszadegan, H., & Herout, J. (2019). Cognitive requirements for primary care providers during the referral process: Information needed from and interactions with an electronic health record system. International Journal of Medical Informatics.
  • Militello, L., Savoy, A., Patel, H., Diiulio, J., Flanagan, M., Daggy, J., Russ, A. and Weiner, M. (2018). Hidden complexities in information flow between primary and specialty care clinics. Cognition, Technology, and Work, 1-10., 11/2018
  • Savoy, A., Patel, H., Flanagan, M., Daggy, J., Russ, A. and Weiner, M. (2018). Comparative usability evaluation of consultation order templates in a simulated primary care environment. Applied Ergonomics, 73, 22-32., 11/2018
  • Savoy, A., Militello, L., Patel, H., Diiulio, J., Flanagan, M., Daggy, J., Russ, A., Weiner, M., and Saleem, J. (2018). A cognitive systems engineering approach to improve the usability of electronic order forms for medical consultations. Journal of Biomedical Informatics., 9/2018
  • Saleem, J. J., Savoy, A., Etherton, G., and Herout, J. (2018). Investigating the need for clinicians to use tablet computers with a newly envisioned electronic health record. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 110(2), 25-30., 2/2018
  • Savoy, A., Patel, H., Flanagan, M., Weiner, M., and Russ, A. (2017). Systematic heuristic evaluation of computerized consultation order templates: Clinicians’ and Human Factors Engineers’ Perspectives. Journal of Medical Systems. , 8/2017


  • Human Factors Engineering


  • Health information technology
  • Cognitive systems engineering
  • Situation awareness
  • Usability
  • Health information exchange
  • Clinical decision-making