International Leadership Certificate


This interdisciplinary certificate is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, perceptions, and experiential learning opportunities appropriate for any student interested in supervising or leading individuals from different countries or preparing for international work assignments. Students who complete the International Leadership Certificate will develop the tools necessary to understand the broad-based concepts associated with leadership in a variety of individual, organizational, and community settings in an ever changing, pluralistic, global society.

Requirements (18.0 total credit hours)


Foundational Cultural Understanding

Select 3.0 credits (or more) from the following Non-language GEC Cultural Understanding Electives with a grade of C or higher:

  • TCM 18000
  • AFRO-A 140
  • AFRO-A 152
  • ANTH-A 104
  • EDUC-E 201
  • INTL-I 100
  • LATS-L 101
  • LATS-L 228
  • SWK-S 102

Human Behaviors in Work Contexts

Complete OLS 25200 Human Behavior in Organizations with a grade of C or higher (3.0 credits).

  • OLS 25200 Human Behavior in Organizations

Workplace Cultural Competencies

Complete OLS 32700 Leadership for a Global Workforce (Prerequisite: OLS 25200) with a grade of C or higher (3.0 credits). 

  • OLS 32700 Leadership for a Global Workforce (P: OLS 25200)

International Business Perspective

Complete OLS 32800 Principles of International Management (Prerequisite: junior standing) with a grade of C or higher (3.0 credits).

  • OLS 32800 Principles of International Management (Recommended Pre- or co-requisite: OLS 32700)

Advanced Cultural Understanding or International RISE Experience

Complete OLS 42300 Go Green or approved 3.0 credit hour or more Study Abroad or International Internship Experience Course with a grade of C or higher or complete 3.0 credits of upper-level (300-/400-) Cultural Understanding or International Dimensions Electives*** with a grade of C or higher. Course must include RISE designation.


  • An OLS International HRM/HRD course (to be developed)
  • AFRO-A 303 [Only Cross-cultural Encounters]
  • ANTH-A 360 Development of Anthropological Thought (Prerequisite: ANTH-A 104 with C or higher)
  • COMM-C 482 Intercultural Communication
  • INTL-I 300 Variable Topics must be approved by OL advisor.
  • INTL-I 400 International Migrations (Prerequisite: INTL-I 100 with C or higher)
  • PHST-P 495
  • WOST-W 300, 495, or 499 Variable Topics must be approved by OL advisor.

International Leadership Certificate Program Student Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students who successfully complete all requirements for completion of the International Leadership Certificate program through Organizational Leadership at IUPUI will be able to: 

  1. Articulate awareness of personal experiences and other cultural contexts that have shaped their own world view, biases, behaviors, and attitudes.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of complexity of diverse cultural perspectives, values, communication styles, beliefs, practices, and how these differences influence organizational and work contexts.
  3. Recognize and demonstrate empathy for cultural differences in communication styles (verbal and non-verbal), values, and other cultural perspectives.
  4. Analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and reflect upon personal growth across diverse and immersive learning experiences with culturally different others within and outside of the program requirements.
  5. Analyze complex intercultural or global organizational problems by applying theories, historical perspectives, facts, and examples from more than one area of study to develop appropriate solutions or recommendations.
  6. Develop a personal action plan that includes a commitment to building community, respecting culturally different others, behaving ethically, and responding to leadership challenges and problems stemming from a lack of intercultural and international awareness in organizations.

About International RISE Experience Elective Requirement

IUPUI’s RISE initiative seeks to engage students in learning that creates powerful and transformative experiences as a high-impact practice. Students can fulfill the 3 credit International RISE Elective by successfully completing a course designated with any of the four IUPUI RISE designations or department-approved capstone experiences with a strong international or cultural immersion experience indicated in the syllabus. 

  • Research RISE courses involve students in conducting research or artistic work under the mentorship of a faculty member.
  • International Experience RISE courses involve travel and learning outside the United States as well as guided reflection on the cross-cultural elements of the experience.
  • Service Learning RISE courses offer learning environments that engage students in an organized service activity that meets identified community needs and through which students reflect on the service activity.
  • Experiential Learning RISE courses include community-based professional practice activities lead to the acquisition, production, integration, or application of knowledge; to increased problem-solving capabilities and decision-making skills; to enhanced communication skills; and to professional growth in and increased knowledge of the field of practice.