Construction Management Certificate

Construction Management Certificate

This certificate is designed to provide educational opportunities for those who have a need to enhance their construction management skills and techniques.  The certificate provides an opportunity to learn estimating, pricing, bidding, planning, scheduling, and contract administration, and computer applications in construction management.

This certificate is not available to the Construction majors who are seeking the CEMTBS study plan.

To qualify for admission to this certificate program, a student must:

  1. Show proof of completing 8 credit-hours in college level technical mathematics including algebra, trigonometry, and calculus
  2. Show ability to read and interpret construction drawings and documents
  3. Show ability to demonstrate computer basic competency
  4. Meet IUPUI admission criteria for certificate programs** (see note below)

Plan of Study

The Construction Management Certificate requires 27 credit hours of coursework:

  • CEMT 28000 Quantity Survey
  • CEMT 34100 Construction Scheduling and Project Control
  • CEMT 34200 Construction Cost and Bidding
  • CEMT 34700 Construction Contract Admin. and Specifications
  • CEMT 45500 Construction Safety and Inspection