CIT Programs for Informatics Majors

Welcome to CIT!

Students in the School of Informatics and Computing can complete their Area of Specialization in Computer and Information Technology in a variety of ways.  Review all of the options below and consult your academic advisor to confirm your selection.

Interested in Cybersecurity?

For students who wish to incorporate cybersecurity courses into their degree program, we highly recommend the CIT Minor - Information Security Speciality as described below.

Minor in Computer Information Technology

A minor in CIT requires 12 credit hours of core coursework, and 12 credit hours of a selected specialty.

Any CIT minor will satisfy the Area of Specialization requirement for the BS in Informatics degree program.

CIT minors include:

Certificate in Computer and Information Technology

CIT offers three undergraduate certificates - each of which will satisfy the Informatics Area of Specialization requirement.

Cognates in Computer and Information Technology

Students can take a series of CIT courses that do not result in a minor or certificate, but will satisfy the area of specialization requirement for the Informatics program.

Option I: Systems and Database Development

Prerequisite:CIT 21400 - Introduction to Data Management or INFO I308

Select 2 from the following:

Option II: Networking Systems

Prerequisite: Completion of 6 hours of Quantitative and Analytical Skills requirement

Option III: Programming

Prerequisite:CIT 14000 - Programming Constructs Lab or CSCI N335 Advanced Programming: VB