MS in Cybersecurity Plan of Study

MS in Cybersecurity and Trusted Systems Plan of Study

The MS in Cybersecurity and Trusted Systems requires 30 credit hours of coursework. Students will choose courses from three categories after consultation with their academic advisor.

Students must complete:

  • 12 credits selected from the primary cybersecurity course list (LIST A)
  • 9 credits selected from the elective cybersecurity course list (LIST B)
  • 9 credits from the combined lists of primary cybersecurity, elective cybersecurity and foundation cybersecurity courses (LIST A, B or C)

Course Listing

Students will choose at least 4 of the following courses:

Students will choose at least 3 of the following courses: 

  • INFO H537 Legal and Social Informatics of Security
  • INFO B583 Security and Privacy Policies and Regulations in Healthcare

  • CSCI 50300 Operating Systems/ECE 56601 Real Time Operating Systems and Applications
  • CSCI 50400 Concepts in Computer Organization/ ECE 56500 Computer Architecture
  • CSCI 53600 Data Communication and Computer Networks/ ECE 54700 Intro Communication Networks
  • CSCI 54100 Database Systems/ECE 59500 Database Systems
  • CSCI 57300 Data Mining
  • CSCI 58000 Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation/ECE 60800 Computational Models and Methods
  • CSCI 59000 Machine Learning/ECE 59500 Machine Learning and Statistical Signal Processing

  • ECE 54400 Digital Communications
  • ECE 57000 Artificial Intelligence
  • ECE 59500 Smart Grid Computing
  • ECE 59500 Autonomous Vehicles
  • ECE 69500 Mobile Wireless Networks