MS in Cybersecurity & Trusted Systems

MS in Cybersecurity & Trusted Systems (Purdue Degree)

We make Cybersecurity work.

From ransomware to phishing schemes cybersecurity threats are the greatest challenge to information technology in the digital age. Channel your curiosity and passion for technology to become a cybersecurity professional. This MS program will prepare you to enter the workforce in the rapidly advancing field of cybersecurity, to enable you to address the security challenges and risks that industries encounters daily. Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary area: it is a combination of information technology, computing, and engineering. This program will provide a solid, comprehensive background in the related topics of cybersecurity engineering and their applications.

Why MS in Cybersecurity?

  • A degree in Cybersecurity equals job security.
  • Cybersecurity professionals earn high salaries.
  • Cybersecurity career options are growing faster than other sectors.
  • Cybersecurity Skills: You'll learn the basics plus leadership, management and more!

The MS in Cybersecurity can be taken 100% online!

Purdue Cybersecurity program from Indianapolis

You are learning from a recognized cybersecurity education provider. The MS in Cybersecurity and Trusted Systems program is part of the National Security Agency (NSA) National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education and in Information Assurance Research (CAE/IAE and CAE/R). You will be part of a Purdue graduate program, which consistently ranks in the top cybersecurity programs among universities. Students become a student member of the Purdue CERIAS center and will have the opportunity to work as research assistants in NSF-funded research and education projects.

The location of this MS program offers many opportunities. Indianapolis area has seen the growth of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance related companies in recent years. In addition to the existing big healthcare-related companies such as Lilly and Anthem, there have been more technological oriented companies expanding in the central Indiana region (e.g., Genesys, Salesforce, Infosys etc.) and a variety of startups as well. All of these companies will need to hire workers with knowledge intensive cybersecurity skill sets. Moreover, concerns of security are no longer limited to IT related companies; the need to monitor and adhere to good cybersecurity principles is pervasive not just in IT, but engineering, health, automotive, manufacturing, etc. sectors.

Your career in Cybersecurity

Before you graduate, youll work with our Career Services Office to learn how to search for jobs, assemble a portfolio of your work, pursue internship opportunities, and connect with employers.

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The MS in Cybersecurity and Trusted Systems degree prepares students for Cybersecurity careers. Students complete courses on a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from Malware analysis and reversing to Intrusion detection, from Risk analysis and mitigation to Thinking like a black hat, and from Security data analytics to Cloud and AI security. This Cybersecurity Engineering and Technology knowledge and experience will provide graduate many career opportunities. This Cybersecurity skillset is in demand and well remunerated in Central Indiana and elsewhere in the United States.

Here is the top 10 list, by cybersecurity job title and salary:

$128,128 - Application Security Engineer

$127,855 - Director of Information Security

$126,628 - Senior Security Consultant

$126,365 - Cloud Engineer

$117,633 - Software Architect

$114,431 - Pentester

$108,465 - Risk Manager

$103,690 - Chief Information Officer

$101,808 - Security Engineer

$99,930 - Information Manager 

Cybersecurity Faculty




Feng Li

Professor & Chair of Computer Information & Graphic Technology

Cybersecurity in mobile computing, wireless security, social network and cloud security.

Connie Justice

Clinical Associate Professor of CIT

Risk assessment, vulnerability and penetration testing, digital forensics, network security

Brian King

Associate Professor & Chair of ECE

Computer and network security, wireless security, cryptography, algorithms, and applied mathmatics

Xiao Luo

Associate Professor of CIT

Data mining and data-driven cybersecurity, security and privacy protection in health IT

Xukai Zou

Associate Professor of CIS

Communication networks and security, applied cryptography, security and reliability for grid computing

Renran Tian

Assistant Professor of CIT

Security and privacy in autonomous driving, cybersecurity in control systems.

April Savoy

Assistant Professor of CIT

Security and privacy protection in health IT

Zina Ben Miled

Associate Professor of ECE

Prevention, Detection and Response; Data Mining and Machine Learning

Scott Orr

Lead Security Engineer and Lecturer of CIS

Computer and network security

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