The Department of Music and Arts Technology is home to innovative research that incorporate cutting-edge music technology into current creative and technical applications.  The department supports multiple lab groups involving faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students.  Representative research topics include telematic music, health and audio, sustainable acoustics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, music technology in education, recording techniques, and performance technologies.

Acous-Tech Lab

The Acous-Tech Lab investigates human and environmental sustainability as it relates to music technology, focusing on the relationships acoustics has with health, materials, instruments, and architecture.


The Critical Listening Environment for Audio Research (CLEAR) Lab is a student-centric recording facility, acting as a hub for recording, production, and mixing of musical projects.

Machine Musician Lab

The mission of the Machine Musician Lab (MML) is to conduct world-class research in developing AI and machine learning-enabled music performance tools. MML researchers build increasingly autonomous but increasingly social systems which collaborate with human musicians, increasing the performative capacities of both. 

Music Technology and Education

The Music Technology and Education Group focuses on the pedagogical, sociocultural, and entrepreneurial aspects of audio engineering, music technology, popular music, and the creative industries.  

Performance Technologies

The Music Performance Technologies Lab is a consortium of work, by several faculty members and ensembles, involving performance practice in acoustic and electronic techniques and technologies. 

Tavel Center

The mission of The Donald Louis Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center is to engage emerging frontiers of music-related, multimedia and cross-disciplinary technologies in the fine arts, education, business, health care, computer science, engineering, and related fields.