Research Labs

The Department of Music and Arts Technology is home to two innovative research centers that work to incorporate cutting-edge technology into the programs and research within the department.

Tavel Center

The mission of The Donald Louis Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center is to engage emerging frontiers of music-related, multimedia and cross-disciplinary technologies in the fine arts, education, business, health care, computer science, engineering and related fields. As the Tavel Center associates collaborate with researchers in these areas, new modes of thought, innovation, and expression emerge. The Center will create advances through the dissemination of scholarly, empirical, and creative information.

The Tavel Center is home to a multi-disciplinary performance group known as the Telematic Collective. The group consists of graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the Department of Music and Arts Technology at IUPUI. These students, along with their faculty members, then interface with professionals, other students and interested artists working in music, dance, drama, literature, visual arts, videography, software development, information technology, scientific inquiry and computer engineering. Together these collaborations, focused on computer interactivity and artistic use of telecommunications, create new and original media-enriched works for the performing stage. Please follow this link for the official website: