Wood Shop

The MakerSpace Woodshop is fully equipped with an assortment of professional equipment, power tools, and basic hand tools. The facility is equipped with an air purification system and central dust collection that is outfitted to all major equipment. From basic tools and supplies to high-end jointers and planners, to CNC-routing, this space is designed to support a wide range of wood projects. Key equipment is detailed below.

Hercules Miter Saw
  • 6 ¾" vertical capacity
  • High output 15 AMP, 4100 RPM Motor
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops
  • Miters up to 60° to the right and 50° to the left

Sawstop Table Saw
  • Engineered for safety with the ability to detect contract with skin
  • Outfitted with dust collection system
  • Riving knife to reduce kickback
  • Professional T-style Fence system
  • 3HP, 230V motor
  • Maximum depth cut of 3-1/8"

JET Bandsaw
  • Large 15" x 15" Table with tilting up to 45°
  • 6" Cutting capacity 13-1/2" cutting capacity width
  • Outfitted to central dust collection system.

JET Planer
  • 15" helical head planer
  • 3HP motor with two feed rate speeds
  • Steel infeed/outfeed table extensions that support larger pieces
  • Maximum cutting depth of 1/8"
  • Maximum cutting height of 6"
  • Maximum width capacity of 15"
  • Minimum planning length of 21.5”
  • Outfitted to central dust collection

JET Jointer
  • 6" helical head indexable carbide inserts
  • Extra-long infeed/outfeed table extensions to support larger pieces
  • Two-way tilting fence with quick stops and 45° and 90°
  • Maximum cutting depth of 1/8"
  • Maximum width capacity of 6"
  • Outfitted to central dust collection

JET Drill Press
  • 6" Drill press with 5” of spindle travel
  • 14x14” table with tilting up to 90°
  • Speed adjustable from 210-3500 RPM
  • Maximum distance from spindle to table of 30”
  • Integrated depth stop for repetitive drilling
  • Laser guide for accurate drilling

JET Belt and Disc Sander
  • 9" Disc sander
  • 6x48” Belt sander
  • 3HP motor
  • Cast iron table with tilt control
  • Outfitted with dust collection

Power Hand Tools and Supplies
  • Craftsman cordless circular saws
  • Craftsman cordless reciprocating saws
  • Craftsman cordless jig saws
  • Craftsman cordless orbital sanders
  • Craftsman cordless drills
  • Craftsman cordless nut drivers
  • Plunge Router and associated bits
  • Router Table and associated bits
  • Dremels and associated bits
  • Handtools ranging from hammers, mallets, saws, clamps, vises, and files, specialty wood working tools, and more.

Coming Soon!