Negotiating Offers


How to Execute a Negotiation

Show me the money!

You did it! You got an offer, but it is a good one? Visit career services and use the below info to make sure you're getting the best possible offer.


  • Location of the company
  • Cost of living
  • Size of company
  • Type of company (profit vs. non-profit)
  • Benifits - insureance, vacation, retirment plan, stock options, tuition reimbursement etc.

Know Your Worth

Do some research to know what the average salaries are using:

  • Current graduate salary statistics from the Office of Career Services
  • &
  • US Department of Labor (

Cost Of Living

If you made $35,000 in Indianapolis, you'd have to be paid the below amounts to have the same lifestyle:

Miami:$46,735(33.5% higher)
Chicago:$47,549(35.9% higher)
Los Angeles:$58,102(66% higher)
New York$74,563(113% higher)