Leadership Studies Certificate


The certificate in Leadership Studies equips students with the knowledge, skills, experiences, attitudes, perspectives, and tools necessary to understand the broad-based concepts associated with leadership in a variety of individual, organizational, and community settings in an ever changing, pluralistic, global society.  A unique feature of this certificate is its ability to attract a diverse group of students from across the myriad of disciplines taught at IUPUI.  Such a strong mixture of interdisciplinary perspectives augments the richness of learning that occurs in certificate courses.  Upon completion of the certificate in Leadership Studies, students should be able to:

  • Define and defend their personal philosophy of leadership and ethical behavior
  • Describe behavior in organizational settings at the individual, team/group, and macro-organization levels
  • Identify the stages of team development that occurs within organizations
  • Make leadership-oriented decisions that are ethically, legally, morally, and strategically sound
  • Apply concepts of supervisory management, team building, personnel selection and development, decision-making, resource allocation, conflict resolution, and strategic planning to the solving of individual, team/group, and organizational problems
  • Explain the importance of attracting, managing, and motivating a globally-diverse workforce
  • Improve individual and organizational performance by applying the appropriate leadership theories and processes in practice
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of leadership behaviors in given situations, and make suggestions for improving those behaviors

Students must notify OLS of their intent to pursue the certificate (call 317.278.1313 or send email with IUPUI Student ID# to tlcgroup@iupui.edu).


Candidates for this certificate are required to be formally admitted by the IUPUI Office of Admissions, but are not required to be a B.S. degree student in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology.  Up to 6.0 credit hours in comparable transfer credit complete in other programs or at other colleges and universities may be applied to this undergraduate certificate program. Credits earned while completing this certificate may be subsequently applied toward either the A.S. or B.S. degree in Organizational Leadership (OLS); however, students with a declared major in OLS are not eligible to earn the Leadership Studies certificate due to curricular redundancy. To receive a diploma for this or any program, students must notify the department of intent to complete the certificate at least two semesters prior to taking the last course. Graduation applications are required for all certificate programs and must be completed per the schedule below:

May/August Program Completion: submit gold application for graduation to department by October of prior year.

December Program Completion: submit application for graduation to department by June of prior year.


Complete English W131 and Communication R110 prior to enrolling in any OLS core courses.


Students are required to successfully complete the following required courses and complete the Application for Graduation to earn the certificate in Leadership Studies

OLS 25200 Human Behavior in Organizations (3.0 cr.)

OLS 26300 Ethical Decisions in Leadership (3.0 cr.)

OLS 27400 Applied Leadership (3.0 cr.)

OLS 32700 Leadership for a Global Workforce (3.0 cr.) P: OLS 25200

OLS 39000 Leadership Theories and Processes (3.0 cr.) P: OLS 32700 or department permission. Call 317.278.1313.

Any 300-/400-level OLS elective (3.0 cr.)

Total Hours: 18.0 cr.

Administration of Program

Organizational Leadership
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
799 West Michigan Street, Room ET 331
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5160

Phone: (317) 278-1313
Email: tlcgroup@iupui.edu