BS in Organizational Leadership & Supervision

BS in Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership (OLS)

A premier bachelor degree granting program, preparing students for professional positions in supervisory management: Organizational Leadership (OLS) provides a broad-based education for those desiring leadership roles in business, government, or industry. OLS undergraduate programs grant a Purdue University Bachelor of Science degree, a Certificate in Human Resource Management, a Certificate in Leadership Studies (non-majors only), a Certificate in International Leadership, an Honors Minor in Leadership, and partner with Engineering and Technology (ENT) faculty in delivery of a Certificate in Sustainable Technology. 

Organizational Leadership is located in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology on the IUPUI campus, ET 331. 


OLS will become one of the premier undergraduate leadership programs in the country. We will develop leaders who demonstrate competence within selected technical fields.


Create and maintain a community of professors, students, and staff dedicated to lifelong learning, growth, and continuous improvement of self and others.

Support the undergraduate leadership program by:

  • Generating and disseminating knowledge about leadership within the context of technological expertise
  • Equipping OLS majors with the knowledge, skills, resources, and perspectives necessary to be effective leaders in technical professions
  • Granting bachelor degrees and certificates in leadership and human resource management
  • Enhancing economic opportunities for its graduates and community
  • Engaging in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors that add knowledge to the discipline of leadership
  • Engaging in service to school, campus, community and profession
  • Adding value to organizations through consultation and training
  • Assessing learning outcomes for continuous improvement

The OLS Program

  • Is a highly individualized, practical, "real-world," approach to supervisory management.
  • Emphasizes leadership, interpersonal relationships, and change implementation.
  • Is a flexible curriculum, allowing students to specialize in their areas of interest and talent.
  • Provides a pragmatic, innovating, and adaptable approach to a student's education, with opportunities for interaction between students, faculty, and the work world.
  • Employs full-time and associate faculty possessing real world skills from a variety of professional backgrounds.
  • Offers individualized, personal counseling.
  • Provides a source of professional talent for leadership positions in business, industry, government, and other organizations.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior learning assessment at IUPUI is used to validate previously acquired knowledge and skills with respect to course expectations and learning outcomes. This form of assessment is available for all eligible transfer, returning, or adult students who can demonstrate knowledge and skills gained through professional practice, training, or other approved experiential learning activities prior to admission. Students must present required documentation to demonstrate that the learning objectives and competencies required by an existing course in specific program have been met.  Presentation of objective evidence of prior knowledge and skills may include development of a prior learning portfolio for faculty evaluation, verification of current credentials granted upon completion of a professional certificate program or exam, evaluation of training or coursework completed outside of the traditional college setting, or completion of an examination (departmental challenge exam, CLEP, DSST, etc.). To view assessment requirements and to take the PLA Self Assessment Survey, please visit our PLA Homepage