Professional Licensure

Global IT

The Global IT program housed in the Department of Computer Graphics and Information Technology works toward the inclusion of international experiences for all undergraduate IT majors.

Internationalization of the curriculum is a significant outcome of the School of Engineering and Technology's Strategic Plan, and CIT is working to build a global vision into a variety of courses beyond the traditional international experiences.


Current initiatives include study abroad programs with partner universities in India and China.  CIT has built two courses related to the globalization of the IT industry, each with a study abroad component embedded in the course:

Our program is actively seeking partners in a variety of countries to incorporate international experiences into many traditional classroom courses.  By utilizing the IU Global Gateway Network, faculty have made deep connections to institutions with similar desires to expose their students to the world.  Research is underway to discover best practices for internationalized project work, as CIT recognizes that our graduates will need the broadened perspective that is required to engage in a globalized economy.