PhD in Mechanical Engineering

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

The Doctor of Philosphy (Ph.D.) degree is administered jointly with the Purdue University School of Mechanical Engineering, West Lafayette, Indiana. 

Admission to the Ph.D. program is normally granted to those students who have completed a Master of Science degree in an engineering discipline and have met the requirements outlined by the department. Superior students with only a bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline may also be admitted under some circumstances. 

Prior to registering for the second semester in the Ph.D. program, all students must file a Preliminary Plan of Study signed by four faculty members who have advised the student. Prior to registering for the fourth semester in the Ph.D. program (six semester for students entering the Ph.D. program with only a bachelor's degree), the student must file a final plan of study signed by a faculty advisor, who will supervise the thesis research, and the Ph.D. Advisory Committee. 

A Ph.D. student is expected to take 21-30 credit hours of course work in addition to Ph.D. dissertation research credit hours and minimum of 30 credit hours earned during Masters. All Ph.D. students take a qualifying examination that covers core courses. This written examination is part of the information used for evaluating a student's potential for completing the Ph.D. program. All Ph.D. students take a preliminary examination that includes an oral part and a written thesis proposal. The purpose of the preliminary examination is to determine if the student is adequately prepared to conceive and undertake a suitable research topic. After the successful completion of the preliminary examination, the thesis research may be conducted under supervision of a mechanical engineering faculty member at IUPUI in collaboration with a faculty at Purdue University West Lafayette campus . Ph.D. research must be original and merit publication in the scholarly literature. The final oral examination is given to determine if the research performed by the Ph.D. student warrants granting the Ph.D. degree.

Student Handbook

The ME Grad Programs Handbook contains more information on the admission and graduation requirements of this degree.

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Admissions for the PhD in ME program are handled through the Office of Graduate Programs.

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