Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering

What is Energy Engineering?

Energy is crucial to our everyday life. The demand for expert in the area will increase as the natural resource of energy is depleting. Energy Engineering (EEN) is the discipline that will deal with the challenge, which can shape the life of our future generation.  EEN advances knowledge in conventional and renewable energy, energy resources, energy analysis, efficiency improvement and energy storage system technology.  

EEN students are finding exciting new ways to extract and use energy efficiently and sustainably. EEN includes the design of solar and wind power plants, fuel-cell and hybrid cars, safer nuclear power plants and more energy-efficient homes and industrial processes.

Energy engineers apply science, math, economics and their own creativity to overcome the global challenges of energy, water supply and environment protection. Energy engineers create renewable biofuels from agricultural waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and make manufacturing processes more energy-efficient

We have a finite supply of energy resources. Our response: find ways to use these resources more efficiently and develop new sources for energy.

Energy engineers discover valuable renewable energy sources that free us from dependency on quickly-depleting materials. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are hazardous to humans and the environment. And they eliminate waste by making our world more energy-efficient.

This broad field of engineering deals with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies. Energy engineers creatively apply their knowledge of science (physics and chemistry), engineering (electrical and mechanical) and economics to confront the global challenges of energy supply and demand.

Undergraduate Program

Energy Engineering at IUPUI is an interdisciplinary engineering degree housed in the Mechanical Engineering and Energy Department. It is a four-year Purdue University Bachelor’s degree that is only offered on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, IN.

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