We are proud to be affiliated with a great professional discipline and a respected academic heritage. We are associated with the nationally renowned programs of Purdue University, and we offer Purdue degrees at the Bachelor and Master levels. Our Ph.D. degree is offered jointly with the School of Mechanical Engineering at West Lafayette. As a discipline, mechanical engineering has continued to thrive through the changes in the technology landscape. Mechanical engineers can always be found in the machinery, transportation equipment, computer/electronic products, and fabricated metal products industries. Additionally, many emerging fields, such as biotechnology, renewable energy, materials science, and nano-technology, are expected to create new job opportunities for mechanical engineers.

Due to rapid technological developments, it is expected there will be a shortage of qualified mechanical engineers in the near future. You will be ready if you are well-educated, connected, and have a positive attitude. Our dedicated faculty, well-rounded courses, and supportive alumni network will help lead you there.

Our department’s primary mission is to support technical development in Indianapolis and Central Indiana by utilizing the unique resources our urban setting offers.

Our programs offer high quality education and research opportunities, co-ops, and internships to help prepare our students for the professional world. As a result, local industry values our students and graduates when employing mechanical engineers. As an urban university, we consider the needs of both traditional and part-time students. In addition to traditional daytime classes, we offer many late afternoon and evening courses. Small class sizes allow our faculty to give individual consideration to the needs of each student.

Our faculty members are not only excellent researchers but also excellent mentors. Many opportunities exist for both undergraduate and graduate students to work side-by-side with the faculty on state-of-the-art research projects. Many of these projects involve cross-disciplinary teams that help students diversify their research experiences. Our faculty is nationally recognized for their cutting-edge research in a variety of areas, including computational engineering, biomechanics, advanced manufacturing, advanced materials, vibrations, controls, mechatronics, and experimental mechanics.

If you are among our graduates, I encourage you to expand your network through our alumni website where we maintain the list of all of our former graduates. You may also peruse the website for departmental news, information, and developments.

If you are a prospective student, take confidence in knowing we look forward to helping you to better understand the mechanical engineering discipline and to find your unique niche in this exciting field.

Please contact our department at (317) 274-9717. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your inquiries and comments.

Jie Chen, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair