Mechanical & Energy Engineering

Welcome to the Fall Semester, 2023!

  • The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering's Office will be open from 9 - 5 pm.
  • Staff members will be available for in-person services.
  • Research labs are open.
  • For assistance, please contact our faculty and staff members below:


General Office

Zach Sigafoes - Graduate Admissions, Human Resources, Hiring, Timesheet & Other General Office Issues

Kelly Gross - Purchasing, Travel & Front Office                        

Teaching Lab and Lab Support Issues

Kevin Carr - Laboratory Technician

Graduate Academic Advising

Yessenia Lopez Reyes - Graduate Academic Advisor

Administrative Faculty

Dr. Jie Chen MEE Department Chair
Dr. Alan Jones  MEE Department Associate Chair
Dr. Likun Zhu  MEE Department Graduate Chair
Dr. Ali Razban  MEE Director, BS Energy Engineering

For all MEE Faculty:


Built, for the future

One of the fundamental – and most diverse – engineering disciplines, mechanical and energy engineering equips men and women to make a difference on the smallest micro-scale level, as well as in large, complex systems. Each day, mechanical engineering principles are used in the conception, design, development, and manufacture of almost every product or process known to man.

MEE Academic Programs

MEE is home to two academic programs that put the world is at your fingertips. You'll have many job choices, and the opportunity to work in well-established or developing industries.

Mechanical Engineering

Make the world run better, idea by implemented idea.

The hallmark engineering discipline, mechanical engineering equips you to design, create, build, maintain, and improve just about anythingfrom toys and machines, to cars and engines, to medical devices, space equipment and more. Put your ideas in action with a world-renowned Purdue University Mechanical Engineering degree from IUPUI.

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Energy Engineering

Energy is critical

That’s why Energy Engineering at IUPUI addresses pertinent issues of global energy supply and demand by exploring how to use energy more efficiently—and even find new sources of energy. Put Purdue University mechanical and electrical engineering expertise– plus physics, economics, math and chemistry – to great use through IUPUI’s one-of-a-kind program, for the betterment of our environment, society, and the world.

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Energy Engineering Degrees

The IUPUI Energy Engineering program has certainly paved the path to success. The combination of diligence, persistence, and teamwork with friends and faculty ascended me to great heights.

ME Student