Music Technology and Education

Music Technology and Education

The Music Technology and Education group focuses on the pedagogical, sociocultural, and entrepreneurial aspects of audio engineering, music technology, popular music, and the creative industries.  

STEAM Education

In 2020, Dr. Daniel Walzer co-edited the first book ever released on audio education for Routledge/Focal Press called Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and PracticeAlong with collaborator, Dr. Mariana Lopez of University of York (UK), the volume features 16 chapters from researchers and practitioners from Australia, Brazil, the UK, the US, Sweden, and Denmark. 

Also in 2020, the group embarked on project entitled: "Digital Storytelling and STEAM Education: Expanding Critical Thinking and Research Skills in Music Technology" through seed grant from the IUPUI's STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute (SEIRI) with collaborators from the IUPUI School of Education and the University of Houston. 

Featured Publications and Funding: 

  • Walzer, D. (2021). Sonic Thinking as a Tool for Creativity, Communication, and Sensory Awareness in Music Production. Thinking Skills and Creativity 
  • Walzer, D (2021). Towards an Understanding of Creativity in Independent Music Production. Creative Industries Journal, 1-14. 
  • Walzer, D. (2021). Fostering Trauma-Informed and Eudaimonic Pedagogy in Music Education. Frontiers in Education, 6(2021), 1-8. 
  • Walzer, D. (2021). Transient Soundscape Production. SoundEffects - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience,10(1), 142-157.  
  • Walzer, D. (2020). Leadership in the Creative Industries: Addressing an Uncertain Future. Journal of the Music & Entertainment Educators Association, 20(1), 147-172. 
  • Walzer, D. (2020). Blurred Lines: Practical and Theoretical Implications of a DAW-Based Pedagogy. Journal of Music, Technology & Education, 13 (1), 79-94. 
  • Walzer, D. and M. Lopez (eds.). (2020). Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and Practice. New York, NY: Focal Press. 
  • Walzer, D & Hsu, T. (2021-2022). Digital Storytelling and STEAM Education: Expanding Critical Thinking and Research Skills in Music TechnologyIUPUI SEIRI Internal Seed Grant. $19,420. Primary Investigator.  


Current Students 

Jerelle Austin, Sr., Ph.D. Student 

Music Technology Pedagogy Group

This group investigates best practices and methods for music technology education. Led by Dr. Michael Drews,current projects revolve around the integration of hardware in music technology history courses and investigation of audio mastering pedagogy practices.

Publications and Funding: 

  • Drews, M. & Dobbs, C. (2021-2022).  Hardware-based Teaching Strategies for Music Technology Curricula. IUPUI Curriculum Enhancement Grant from the Center for Teaching and Learning.  $10,000. 
  • Dobbs, C. (2021, October, 10).  Constructivist Hardware Pedagogy in an Electronic Music History Curriculum.  College Music Society and Association for Technology in Music Instruction National Conference/Rochester, NY. 


Current Students

Chris Dobbs, Ph.D. Student

Music for the Listener

Dr. Darrell Bailey specializes in online teaching and learning, particularly in areas of global music, social networking tools, and integrated learning.  This practice helped to uniquely prepare our department for the challenges of pandemic music education.  He is an advocate of the live music performance experience as a core experience in the lives of musicians and non-musicians alike. 

He is a co-author of the sixth edition of Music Listening Today.