BSMTh Plan of Study

BSMTh Plan of Study

The Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy (BSMTh) curriculum is based on the American Music Therapy Association Professional Competencies. The courses cover musical foundations, clinical foundations, music therapy foundations, and general education. The general education courses in the BSMTh curriculum were specifically selected to meet some of the professional competencies; therefore, students should plan to take those courses rather than substituting other classes. Many of our classes include service learning or experiential learning components.




While one may state that she or he is a Pre-Music Therapy major and be listed as such in the registrar’s office, a student must apply to move ahead in the professional program. The professional program is defined as starting with Practicum I. Admission to the professional program requires instructor permission. To get permission, the prospective student must apply to the professional program. The application normally takes place at the end of the sophomore year. Prior to application, students must:


  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Complete 6 credit hours of General Education Core with a minimum IUPUI GPA of 2.0
  • Pass a playing exam (MUS-X298) with a score of at least 80% (see the exam later in this document)


Once admitted to the professional program, Music Therapy majors:


  • Must continue to earn a “C” or better in all Music Therapy and Department of Music and Arts Technology courses.
  • Successfully pass a background check every year.
  • Cannot repeat or withdraw from a course more than one time per course to remain in the program.
  • Must not engage in any of the behaviors listed in either the IUPUI or Music Therapy program dismissal policies.


Students seeking admission to the Music Therapy professional program must pass a criminal background check before admission is granted. Admission will be automatically denied to any student who fails to either complete the background check or who fails said check. Payment for the background check is the responsibility of the student (approximately $65/year).


      Students who pass their initial background check but who later engage in criminal behaviors, which may result in the failure of a subsequent yearly background check, must notify the Music Therapy faculty of the incident so appropriate advising can take place. Engaging in any kind of criminal behavior may jeopardize the student’s ability to advance in the MT professional program, secure an internship, earn appropriate licensure, and/or gain employment as a music therapist. Faculty members are not liable for inaccurate or inappropriate advising arising from the failure of a student to report potential changes in his/her ability to pass a criminal background check.

Plans of Study

Second Degree Program

Students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in a different field, but who wish to earn their music therapy credential, may do so at IUPUI through our second degree program.