Dual Degree

Butler and IUPUI Dual Degree

The Butler University School of Music and the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI are excited to announce the launch of the Music Therapy Dual Degree Program. Successful students will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Music in Music Education (Choral or Instrumental) degree from Butler University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy from Indiana University awarded by the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. The BA in Music plus BS in Music Therapy is an accelerated 5-year program. Both music programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music. The music therapy program at IUPUI is approved by the American Music Therapy Association, which means that students completing the courses and internship can sit for the national board certification through the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

This new program is an expansion of the very successful Engineering Dual Degree Program currently offered between Butler University and the School of Engineering and Technology IUPUI. 

Application and Audition

Interested students should apply to Butler University via the Common App or Butler Application. All applicants must pass a music audition with the Butler University School of Music and an interview with IUPUI music therapy faculty. There is also a supplemental interview for those interested in the Music Education option. Auditioning students will also be considered for music scholarship. Details about the application and audition process are available at https://butler.edu/music/apply-audition  Please find the degree plans with the following link to our School of Music website page: https://www.butler.edu/music/majors-minors

Questions may be directed to Courtney Trachsel in the Butler University School of Music office at music@butler.edu or 317-940-9065 or Director of the School of Music at Butler University, David Murray at dmurray@butler.edu. General information about the Music Therapy program at IUPUI can be found at https://et.iupui.edu/departments/mat/programs/mth/. Questions about music therapy may be directed to Dr. Meganne Masko, PhD, MT-BC/L, Program Coordinator of Music Therapy at IUPUI.