Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Music Technology and Music Therapy Majors in the Department of Music and Arts Technology are required to have core technology elements prior to enrollment in the course sequence of their major.  The specific requirements vary between the two programs based on the curricular needs of each degree.  If a student is double-majoring, they are expected to have all of the requirements for each program.

The Department of Music and Arts Technology deems these purchases vital to the instruction of curriculum, just as textbooks would be in other programs. Below are the specific required brands of equipment to purchase as determined by the Technology Enhancement Committee. If you have any questions on the requirements, please contact our Music Technology Coordinator Chris Dobbs at

Music Technology Majors

Music Technology Majors
Laptop - Students should have a Mac or PC laptop with equivalent or higher specifications to the following:
Mac – OS 12.12 or higher, 6-core/8-core, 8gb of RAM, 512 internal storage.  Macbook Pro 16 recommended
PC – OS Windows 10 or higher, 3.0 gHz or higher i5/i7, 8gb of RAM, 512 internal storage.  PC Audio Labs recommended

Digital Audio Workstations
Ableton Live 11 Suiterecommended for new purchases (if previously purchased, Ableton Live 10 Standard remains adequate for current requirements)

Pro Tools - required for 1 semester in MUS-A142, which typically occurs in a student’s 2nd semester in the program.  Subscription pricing is available from Avid.

Audio Interface
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
MIDI Interface

Alesis VI25 25-key controller (if the Arturia Minilab mkII was already purchased, that hardware remains adequte to current requirements)
Closed Back Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
Shure SM57 with a 20ft XLR cable