BS in Music Technology


The BSMT program covers the following areas of focus:

  • Essentials of Music Technology:  Concepts include acoustics, psychoacoustics, analog and digital audio, MIDI, and digital notation.
  • Recording and Production:  Technical competency in industry-standard recording software, techniques, and equipment.  Concepts include analog and digital recording, microphone design and placement, studio design and setup, mixing, and mastering.
  • Live electronic manipulation and performance:  Concepts include hardware and software for live music creation, audio interfaces and live equipment setup, control interfaces for live manipulation of analog and digital instruments, and performance practice.
  • Creation and Composition through Music Technology:  The use of technology in creating, composing, and making music in both live and studio practices.  Concepts include composition and notation software, and the theory and practice of composition with music technology.
  • Digital Signal Processing and Synthesis:  Software design through the use of a graphic programming environment.  Concepts include audio and video digital signal processing, sound synthesis, and interactive and generative media.
  • Interface and Instrument Design:  The development of new instruments and interfaces using software programming and hardware construction.

Career Opportunities

The BSMT integrates the study of theoretical principles and applied technology into a program designed to prepare students for the rapidly expanding field of music technology. Graduates possess the skills to enter the workforce in a variety of professions, including:

  • Electronic Music Production and Composition
  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Sound Design
  • Recording Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Performance Space Management
  • Product Specialist

Internships & Research

Students have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research and internships to strengthen their experience at IUPUI and augment their income. The office of Career Services supports this mission by assisting students in finding well-suited mentors, employers, and positions.

Graduate Programs

BSMT graduates may pursue a Masters or PhD in Music Technology through the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology on the IUPUI campus. Graduates from these programs often accept jobs in higher education as instructors, or in industry as project directors and administrators.