PhD in Music Technology

PhD in Music Technology

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Music Technology is an Indiana University degree offered within the School of Engineering and Technology @ IUPUI.  The degree is designed for students with backgrounds in music technology, music, computer science, engineering, informatics, human-computer interaction, physics, psychology, education, new media, information science, and other relevant fields. For information on the academic requirements, refer to the PhD Program Handbook or contact Dr. Scott Deal (

The principal objectives of this on campus doctoral program are to train graduates who will: 1) conduct research and develop transformative new technologies in music and the arts, 2) examine the practices of designing, making, and managing music technology, 3) grow the methodologies of research in music technology, and 4) apply music technology in society and industry.

Application Information

Applications are completed through the IUPUI Graduate Office website and require the following information:

  • Research Advisor Letter – A letter from a MAT graduate faculty member eligible to direct dissertations. This faculty member must agree to serve as the applicants research advisor and state this clearly in the letter. The letter must also explain why the faculty member is a good match for this applicant’s particular research interests.
  • Statement of Purpose – (not to exceed 3 double-spaced pages) a short essay discussing your ideas for doctoral research, their context and potential impact, and arguing how your expertise and interests make you the best candidate for pursuing this research. In preparing this statement you should identify the faculty member(s) that you are most interested in working with. The name of your research advisor letter provider together with your name should be included on the header of the statement.
  • Letters of Recommendation (3) – Three letters from individuals who can provide authoritative support for your potential success in graduate studies, such as previous instructors, employers, mentors, etc.
  • Writing Samples – samples of previous scholarly work on music technology or related fields. Applicants must submit at least three papers that best represent their ability to conduct research and write effectively about their area of specialization. Submission of published work is preferred.
  • Transcripts – Submit all transcript(s) and/or academic documents for every institution of higher education you attended. If a transcript is not in English, please upload an English translated certified by the college which issued the transcript. All transcripts and/or academic documents uploaded to the online application are considered unofficial. Your unofficial transcript will be used for the application review and admission purposes. If you are admitted for admission, you must submit your official hard copy transcripts directly to the IUPUI Graduate School after you arrive to campus. If you are currently finishing your baccalaureate degree, you will be required to submit a document that certifies the awarding of that degree. Note: We do not require transcripts from Indiana University campuses.
  • GRE score – required. The IUPUI school code for the GRE is 1325–enter this code on the exam’s answer sheets. 
  • Portfolio – The portfolio is the opportunity for the applicant to persuasively demonstrate the skills, knowledge and potential ability to engage and contribute in high-quality research in Music Technology. You may submit a portfolio of samples of previous professional, artistic or academic work on music, technology and related fields. Examples include, but are not limited to, school papers, sample scientific publications, web pages or audiovisual materials of work you have composed, performed, recorded, mixed and/or produced. The portfolio should be made available online (e.g. in your personal webpage), and the URL included on the resume submitted as part of your application.
  • Submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores taken within the last two years if your native language is not English. Minimum required scores: 79 TOEFL, 6.5 IELTS. Use IUPUI school code 1325. This requirement may be waived if a BS or MS degree has been earned in the United States, successful completion of ELS Level 112, or placed into G013 or higher on the IUPUI ESL Placement Test.