MS in Music Technology

MS in Music Technology

The Master of Science in Music Technology (MSMT), an Indiana University Degree, is a thirty-credit hour professional graduate degree program training future professionals in Music Technology.  We offer on-campus and online options for students to pursue their degree.    

The graduate curriculum spans interdisciplinary topics at the intersection of both creative and technical applications of Music Technology.  Coursework for this degree includes required Core Courses and Elective Courses within a cognate field.

Core Courses explore synthesis, audio programming, music technology history, audio signal processing, and the physics of sound.  Elective Courses, taken inside or outside the department, allow students to invesitage other fields directly related to music technology.  These classes may include artificial intelligence and machine learning, acoustics, multimedia design, telematic music, and other hot topics in music technology.  Research opportunities may be available for interested students.

The degree culminates with a Master’s Project (MUS N518) or an Internship (MUS N517) that combines a student’s creative, technical, theoretical, and historical knowledge.

Application Requirements

  • Submission of the online application to the campus.
  • Bachelor's degree and evidence of substantial previous work in creative and/or technical areas related to music technology.  
  • All official transcripts of undergraduate and graduate study 
  • Minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) for the undergraduate degree 
  • E-portfolio comprising of online audio/video content demonstrating musical, computational, or other work related to music technology (minimum of 3 samples). 
  • Three letters of recommendation in support of the application (they may be on business letterhead or submitted through the online application link) 
  • In-person or telephone interview with the graduate program director or a graduate faculty member. 
  • Application fee payable through the online application.

Degree Requirements

30 credit hours are required for the degree

  • 18 credit hours in Core Courses (at the 500 level or above)
  • 6 credit hours in Cognate Courses (400 level or above) to be selected from Music, Business, Education, Communications, Computer Science, Fine Arts, and Liberal Arts
  • 6 credit hours from the Cognate Courses or electives (400 level or above) from other fields with pre-approval from the Graduate Program Director.

Minimum grade point average:

  • 3.0 average to continue
  • No grades lower than "B" in core courses and cognate fields will be counted toward the degree
  • No grades lower than "C" will be counted toward the degree;
  • Residency requirement (on-campus student only), 3 consecutive summers or 1 summer and a contiguous academic term.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at