Student Ensembles

MUS-A235 Electro-Acoustic Ensemble - Dr. Robin Cox, Director robcox@iupui.edu

Creation and performance of music via digital processing and amplification of acoustic instruments.  Students must possess collegiate level musicianship and performance skills on an acoustic or electronic instrument.  Please contact the instructor for further information. New students must contact the instructor for permission.


MUS-X 430 Electronic Music Ensemble - Mr. Jordan Munson, Director jtmunson@iupui.edu

Focused on musical communication between computers on both a technical and expressive level. Consent of Instructor required.


MUS-A209 DISEnsemble - Dr. Jason Palamara  japalama@iu.edu

(Destructive / Inventive Systems Ensemble)

This ensemble uses improvisatory hardware and software hacking techniques as an approach to music making.  By finding novel solutions to musical performance problems, students cultivate an attitude of creative freedom.  Students experiment with improvisation, circuit-bending and destructive/creative instrument design while crafting a performance of live works. Departmental consent is not required for music technology or music therapy majors (students who have passed their audition).  Non-music majors (students who have not passed their audition) must contact the instructor for permission.


MUS-X350 Jazz Ensembles - Mr. Rob Dixon, Director rob@indyjazzfest.net

Performance of jazz and the art of improvisation in a jazz combo format. Contact the instructor for further information.



MUS-X 70 University Choral Ensembles - Mr. David Mannell, Director dmannell@iupui.edu

University Choir is a mixed vocal ensemble, dedicated to excellence in performing a variety of repertoire, and it does not require  instructor permission.  IUPUI Singers is a more select mixed ensemble. Students interested in joining IUPUI Singers for the first time should contact Mr. David Mannell for permission.


MUS-X490 Percussion Ensemble - Dr. Lane Summerlin lwsummer@iu.edu

Course offers experiences in learning world percussion techniques. No instrument required.


MUS-X341 Guitar Ensemble - Mr. John Alvarado joalvara@iupui.edu 

Bringing together guitarists of various abilities and backgrounds to develop skills of ensemble playing for classical, world, jazz, blues, and other styles of music.