Campus Location 
The Department of Music and Arts Technology is located on the third floor of the ICTC Building, at the corner of Michigan St and West St. Many of our courses are also taught in the basement level of this building. 

Email:  matinfo@iu.edu

Phone: 317-274-4000
Music Instrument Locker Requests 
Students have the option to use storage lockers found on the lower level of the building. To use the lockers, students are required to provide their own locks and sign a locker permission form. Lockers are for use at the student’s own risk. The department is not responsible for theft of or vandalism to locker contents. Locks must be removed at the conclusion of each academic year.  For more information contact Department Administrator, Ms. Lana Burt lsburt@indiana.edu 

MAT Practice Room Access 
To use a practice room, an Asset Panda account check-in/check-out procedure is required. Private Lessons have priority booking for which reservations will be on the departmental calendar. For more information contact Music Technology Coordinator, Mr. Chris Dobbs dobbs@iupui.edu 

Enrolling in a Music Performance Ensemble 
Ensembles are open for potential course enrollment to both music and non-music majors. For further information, please contact specific ensemble directors as listed for each group. [WEBPAGE], or Music Technology Program Director, Dr. Robin Cox robcox@iupui.edu 
Musical Instrument Lessons 
For more information, contact Department Administrator, Ms. Lana Burt lsburt@indiana.edu 
MAT Event Schedule 
We offer numerous live performances and guest speaker events for the IUPUI community and the public throughout each semester. For more information contact Department Administrator Ms. Lana Burt lsburt@indiana.edu 

Music Technology Student Alliance 
The official IUPUI student organization for all undergraduates and graduate students interested in music technologies. For more information contact Music Technology Coordinator Mr. Chris Dobbs dobbs@iupui.edu 

Taking MAT courses as a non-major 
Please refer to the section below: “Placement Tests/Taking Music Technology or Theory Courses Before an Audition” 

Prospective Undergrad Music Technology or Music Therapy Degree Students

Degree Program Web Pages 

Music Technology


Music Therapy


Degree Program Questions and Arranging a Department Visit 
Contact Student Recruitment Coordinator, Mr. Jordan Munson jtmunson@iupui.edu 

Applying for our Undergraduate Music Degrees 
Students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology degree must submit both an IUPUI university online application and a Music and Arts Technology online application. If approved to do so via this application process, prospective students will also be required to take an audition/interview and two short online placement exams (see below). 

Students must take the music theory placement exam I and the music technology placement exam before their audition.  

First Step: Acceptance to IUPUI: https://app.getacceptd.com/iupui 

Second Step: Submit the Department of Music and Arts Technology application  https://app.getacceptd.com/iupui 

Third Step: If approved, complete a scheduled audition/interview session and two short online placement exams (see below) 
For more information contact Music Technology Director of Undergraduate Auditions Dr. Jason Palamara japalama@iu.edu 

Placement Tests/Taking Music Technology or Theory Courses Before an Audition 
If you are an IUPUI student, it is possible to take MUS-Z111, Introduction to Music Theory, and MUS-A107, Music Technology Fundamentals without a placement test. If you have experience with music theory or music technology, you may take our online placement tests to see if you test into a higher-level theory or music technology course. To take a test, you must be logged onto Canvas.iu.edu, and then go to  https://iu.instructure.com/enroll/KWH64M 

Once logged in, you self-enroll to take the test(s). You are welcome to take both music theory tests if you wish. After you complete the test(s), contact Julie Wynn julwynn@iupui.edu and she can authorize you for the appropriate course(s). If you would like to take lessons on an instrument, contact Ms. Lana Burt lsburt@indiana.edu 


Minors in Music

The Department of Music and Arts Technology offers two minors for IUPUI students: a Music Technology Minor and a Music Minor. For more information, first review the webpage here below, and secondly, contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Ms. Julie Wynn julwynn@iupui.edu https://et.iupui.edu/departments/mat/programs/minors/ 

For Music Majors

The BSMT Student Handbook 
This is an important document for all BSMT majors to be familiar with. The handbook provides detailed departmental policyand degree information. It may be read or downloaded at: https://et.iupui.edu/departments/mat/programs/mt/_documents/bsmt-handbook1.pdf 
Technology Purchase Requirements 
BSMT and BSMThmajors are required tohave purchased these core technology items prior to enrollment in the course sequence of their major.For more information, first review the webpage here below, and if necessary,contact Music Technology Coordinator, Mr. Chris Dobbs dobbs@iupui.edu https://et.iupui.edu/departments/mat/programs/mt/undergrad/bsmt/technical 
Event Attendance Policy 
BSMT andBSMThmajors enrolled in a MAT performance ensemble must attend a combination of department sponsored concerts, guest performer or guest speaker sessions, and/or other curricular-related events during the semester of enrollment. This requirementconstitutes 20% of the final grade for a student's performing ensemble course. Specific information per semester will be included incoursesyllabi. For more information contact Department Administrator Ms. Lana Burt lsburt@indiana.edu 
Tutoring Assistance 
The department coversthe expense of individual or group tutoring fornumerous MAT courses. MAT student tutors are BSMT majors very accomplished in areas for which theyprovide help. For more information contact Music Technology Program Director, Dr. Robin Cox robcox@iupui.edu