Motorsports Engineering Technology Certificates

Motorsports Engineering Technology Certificates

There are two options available to students to add a certificate in Motorsports Engineering Technology. One option is for students majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology and the second option is for students majoring in Electrical or Computer Engineering Technology. Students interested in this certificate that are not currently in one of these majors should check with an advisor to see if the courses will work in your plan of study. These certificates are also designed to be stand-alone and not required to be attached to a bachelor's degree program.

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Motorsports Engineering Technology Certificate (MET Option)

The 29 credit hour curriculum (courses are 3 credit hours unless noted):

  • MATH 159 - ALGEBRA & TRIG (5 credit hours)
    • Or MATH 153 & MATH 154 (6 credit hours)
  • MET 11100 - STATICS
  • MET 21300 - DYNAMICS
  • MET 22000 or ME31401
  • MET 32000 or ME20000
  • MET 42600 or MSTE 42600 - IC ENGINES
  • MET 47200 or MSTE 47200 - VEHICLE DYNAMICS

MATH 159 or MATH 153/154 Algebra and Trigonometry - This course covers college level Algebra and Trigonometry necessary for most Engineering and Engineering Technology courses.

MET 11100 Applied Statics Study of force systems, resultants and equilibrium, trusses, frames, centroids of areas, and center of gravity of bodies.

MET 21100 Applied Strength of Materials Study of the principles of strength, stiffness, and stability are introduced and applied to primarily mechanical components.

MET 21300 Dynamics Study of kinematics and kinetics principles of rigid-body dynamics with emphasis on the analysis of bodies in plane motion.

MET 22000 Thermo, Heat and Power Introduction to the principles of thermodynamics and heat transfer including the processes used to evaluate the performance of energy based systems such as internal combustion engines.

MET 32000 Applied Thermodynamics Following a review of fundamental concepts, advanced power and refrigeration cycles are analyzed. Applications such as gas mixtures, air-vapor mixtures, and chemical reactions of combustion processes are presented.

MET 42600 Internal Combustion Engines The course deals with the fundamentals of internal combustion engines, with emphasis on performance, efficiency, and emissions. A comprehensive review of engine/vehicle operating systems is conducted. Related topics such as turbocharging, fuel oxygenates, lubrication, and computerized engine management are presented.

MET 47200 Vehicle Dynamics The course provides a study of vehicle chassis, suspension, and aerodynamic systems with a focus on high performance.

MSTE 27200 Introduction to Motorsports This course will cover the organization of the motorsports industry and the sport of auto racing, will investigate different segments of the sport and the industry, and will survey careers available.

MSTE 42600 Internal Combustion Engines Study of spark ignition and compression ignition engines and their cycles, their mechanical principles, and their application.

MSTE 47200 Vehicle Dynamics This course will address the basics of chassis design, suspension tuning, vehicle aerodynamics, and vehicle system integration.

MET 41400 / MET 49700 / MET 49900 These courses all involve student projects and as part of the Motorsports Certificate program, a selected project must be automotive related.