Minor in INTR

Minor in Interior Design Technology

The Interior Design Technology minor will present the opportunity for any student to gain simple interior design proficiencies and knowledge through coursework that may be used to supplement their primary degree while exposing the student to an innovative and diverse area of study.  Studio based requirements will challenge students to complete experiential exercises and projects, while lecture based coursework required through the minor will offer the student the ability to study specialty topics, such as design history, textiles or sustainability, further augmenting their comprehension of the industry.

Upon completion of the Interior Design Technology minor, students will be able to:

  • Recognize and apply the basic elements and principles of design to interior environments
  • Comprehend the design process as utilized on all design projects
  • Manually draft basic floor plans precisely
  • Plan both residential and commercial spaces accurately
  • Understand the fundamental proficiencies and aptitudes required for a career in interior design
  • Effectively communicate design ideas through written, verbal and graphic means

Note:  While the minor will supplement any student’s primary discipline with additional knowledge, the minor will not qualify an individual to work exclusively in the field.


6 courses/18 credit hours)
A grade of C is required in all course work credited toward the minor.

Required courses (2 courses)

  • INTR 103 Introduction to Interior Design
  • INTR 124 Space Planning for Interiors

Studio-based Elective Courses (2 courses; select from the following list:)

  • ART 117 Intro to Construction Drafting with CAD
  • ART 120 Architectural Presentation
  • INTR 125 Color and Lighting (Prereq HER E109)
  • INTR 202 Interior Materials and Applications
  • INTR 224 Residential I, Kitchen and Bath

Lecture-based Elective Courses (2 courses; select from the following list:)

  • ART 210 History of Architecture
  • INTR 151 Textiles for Interiors
  • INTR 204 History of Interiors I
  • INTR 304 History of American Interiors and Furniture
  • INTR 495 Sustainable Design