Purdue University PhD applications, Indianapolis

Purdue University application information for the PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Indianapolis

Admissions Information for our Purdue University Electrical and Computer Engineering Master's of Science  or PhD Degree Programs.

Effective Fall 2024, we will have a centralized application process, for a possible future admission & funding opportunities, you will need to apply directly to the Purdue University main campus.  Purdue University Main campus: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ECE/Academics/Graduates/Admissions 

In the application portal, you will be able to select your campus preference.   


Just to make you aware,  the Indianapolis Purdue Program is about to undergo a major structure of realignment with the Purdue University West Lafayette main campus.   See FAQ regarding the realignment:  https://www.purdue.edu/campuses/indianapolis/faq/