PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Purdue University PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, IUPUI

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is offered by the ECE Department in the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.

The Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD program is a Purdue University degree program. Our courses and curriculum are overseen by the Purdue  Graduate School at West Lafayette. Our students receive a Purdue degree, the diploma is a Purdue University diploma and states the degree requirements are completed at the Indianapolis campus. Many of our courses are the same courses that are offered at the Purdue West Lafayette campus. Our students use the Purdue career services as well as career services on our campus.

Some benefits of our ECE PhD program in comparison to other electrical/computer engineering PhD programs in Indiana, is that there is a medical school on our campus, many of our faculty mentors engage in medical/health applications. We are a large campus in an urban environment.
There is considerable industry in the central Indiana area, and many students are engaged in industry sponsored research. Our department is smaller and that brings many advantages for a PhD student in terms of class size as well as  access to faculty mentors.

We have outstanding faculty mentors in our department and we encourage you to reach out to many of our faculty mentors in order to determine the mentor who will help you realize your career goals

Application Information

Application information is available for domestic and international applicants.

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ECE PhD Summary

A document containing a summary of information about the ECE PhD program is available in PDF format.

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