BS in Computer Engineering

This 125 credit hour, 4 year program gives students a broad based foundation in the field of computer engineering. Students are prepared to design, develop and manage processes, systems and components related to computer hardware and software.

Students graduate from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with a high level of technical proficiency and valuable hands-on experience. Graduates typically work in the following types of positions: Software Engineers, Systems Engineers, Design Engineers, Product Designers, Project Engineers, Development Engineers, Test Engineers, and Engineering Team Leaders. 

The program has many opportunities for students to do innovative hands-on work such as independent study, internship, cooperative education, and undergraduate research.

The Bachelor’s degree experience is concluded with a two-semester sequence of Senior Design courses, in which teams of students apply their engineering knowledge on a real-world project which is often submitted by engineers in industry.

Program Educational Objectives

The Program Educational Objectives of the Computer Engineering degree program are to prepare graduates who will be successful in their chosen career paths by:

  1. becoming productive and ethical problem solvers in the private or public sector
  2. pursuing and completing graduate studies, and/or 
  3. taking on leadership or contributing roles in their professions, as well as in their communities and the global society.