Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hello from the Purdue ECE Department in Indianapolis!


We have big changes coming the Indianapolis campus!  Just to make you aware,  the Indianapolis Purdue Program is about to undergo a major structure of realignment with the Purdue University West Lafayette main campus.  

Purdue University in Indianapolis    OUR NEXT GIANT LEAP!

 See FAQ regarding the Purdue realignment:  https://www.purdue.edu/campuses/indianapolis/faq/


General inquiries:  ece@iupui.edu or  317-278-9726

Undergraduate Programseceugadv@iupui.edu  (Appointments, Advising, Permissions)

Graduate Programs (MS & PhD): ecegrad@iupui.edu (Appointments, Advising, Permissions, POS, Graduation deadlines)

Deliveries, Human Resources, Payroll, Timesheet issues, &/or Other Office inquiries:   ece@iupui.edu  317-278-9726

Administrative Faculty: Dr. Brian King,  ECE Department Chair  briking@iupui.edu   or 317-274-9723

ECE Faculty contact: click here for their direct contact information

If you have any questions concerning your courses, please contact your faculty or Dr. Brian King.


Engineering, full circuit

It’s your 24/7 entertainer, connector and security blanket. It’s your GPS, your camera, your jukebox, and yes, sometimes it’s even your phone. But who’s making all those devices, networks and connections ring in perfect harmony? We are. Electrical and Computer Engineers use bold thinking and tenacious ingenuity to cram a world of information and a universe of connections into the palm of your hand. All so you never miss a call, pic or post.

With top faculty and research expertise from around the world and ground breaking laboratory results to match the Purdue University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Indianapolis wires students for success.

From electronic devices, to communication and energy systems, to computer systems, networks, and software, our department offers unique, premier program options that prepare students for meaningful, real-world impact across the board. 

Visit with our students to learn about their experiences in our department.

ECE Academic Programs

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is home to two high tech programs that submerge students in an environment that encourages and promotes excellence in technical proficiency, leadership, research, creative pursuits, and lifelong learning as well as fostering respect for diversity.


Computer Engineering

Changing the world as we know it.

Fascinated by computers? How about the hardware, software, and networks that make them run? Computer Engineering at IUPUI goes behind the scenes of some of the most influential technology of the day. Learn to combine analytical skills, hardware expertise, and software knowledge to design the computer systems, software, networks, and operating systems that are changing the world as we know it.  

Electrical Engineering

One part engineering. One part innovation. All powered by electricity, powered by you.

Electrical engineering deals with electricity, at every level from electromagnetic and the tiniest computer circuitry, to large-scale electronic systems, learn to power the things that power life, every day. With an Electrical Engineering degree from IUPUI, the world is at your fingertips-from consumer electronics and optics, to power efficiency and storage, to telecommunications devices, broadcasting systems, analog circuitry and more. 

The curriculum strikes the perfect balance of teaching theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Setu Shah, MS Computer Engineering, 2018