CIT BS Plan of Study

CIT BS Plan of Study

The BS in CIT offers four in-demand concentrations, guided by the Information Technology needs of industry.

All CIT students complete a comprehensive set of core courses to provide a well-rounded understanding of all facets of IT: networking, information security, application development, and data management.

Students then choose one (or two) concentrations to gain specialized expertise in a particular IT domain.

4 Year Plans of Study - Students Entering in 2021 or Later

All students will select one of four CIT Concentrations (details below):

Students may choose to pursue two concentrations simultaneously.  Contact your academic advisor for more information.

Any CIT course not already included in the student's plan of study.

CIT Selectives may also include many CGT, Computer Science, Media Arts & Sciences, or Informatics courses.  Consult your academic advisor for details.

Leadership courses from the Organizational Leadership and Supervision program provide CIT students with valuable skills for managing projects and personnel in business environments.

All IUPUI students must complete the General Education requirements set forth by the state of Indiana.  In some cases, specific courses that satisfy General Education requirements are noted.

Students can take 12 credit hours of Electives from any program or department.

Combined BS / MS in CIT

Why not both?

CIT is pleased to offer students the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in just 5 years!

Learn more about the BS/MS Program

3 Year Plan of Study

Interested in finishing your degree in just three years?  It's possible!

BS in CIT 3-Year Plan of Study