5-Year BS / MS in CIT

5 Year BS/MS in Computer and Information Technology

  • Earn Purdue BS and MS degrees in just 5 years!

  • No GRE requirement

  • Sharing credit hours between degrees significantly reduces the cost of graduate study

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This combined degree program will provide high quality students with intensive training and the opportunity to do supervised, applied research in an area of Computer and Information Technology (CIT). You will receive two degrees in fewer years than it would take to pursue these degrees sequentially.

Gain advanced proficiency and participate in research in cutting-edge IT areas and get the Master of Science in Technology degree from Purdue, in addition to your Bachelor of Science in CIT.

Twelve credit hours count toward both the BS and MS degrees. Graduate classes are offered weekday evenings, so you can finish your graduate degree in one year, while working full time.

Advanced degrees such as the Master of Science in Technology degree from Purdue will lead to many career opportunities. In the combined degree program, take just 24 credit hours of graduate courses, with minimum impact on your work/life balance, and you will have both the Purdue MS and BS degrees!


With the Master of Science in the IT field, you will have a promising career outlook in high demand in the global market. The annual salary expectations are much higher than BS graduates from information technology, computer science, or engineering programs.

Students will have the chance to become student members of the Purdue CERIAS center or work on data analytic projects for industry leaders in the Indy area. Students also have the opportunity to work as research assistants in industry sponsored projects or NSF funded research and education projects.