MS Tech - Applied Data Analytics

MS in Technology - Applied Data Management and Analytics

MS in Technology - Applied Data Management and Analytics Concentration

The vast amounts of available data sets have transformed the way that companies do business. Organizations have a significant demand for professionals who can synthesize meaningful narratives from data to transform operational aspects of an organization. Students in this concentration area walk through each stage of the data science pipeline that enables one to collect, clean, model, and report data, as well as build data products. Students will learn how to access data from a variety of sources including relational databases and large NoSQL data stores.

Plan of Study

The MS in Technology Applied Data Analytics concentration requires 33 credit hours or 30 credit hours plus three credit hours of a Directed Project.

Student Handbook

Complete details about the CIGT MS in Technology programs are available in the Student Handbook.

MS Tech CIGT Student Handbook

The MS Tech Applied Data Management and Analytics concentration has two program options: Directed Project or Course-Only. The Directed Project option requires a minimum of 30 hours of coursework plus three credit hours of a Directed Project in the area of Applied Data Analytics.  The Course-Only option requires a minimum of 33 hours of coursework.

Both options require the completion of 2 MS TECH core courses or (6) core credit hours as follows:

  • TECH 50700 Measurement and Evaluation in Industry and Technology
  • OLS 57100 Advanced Project Management in Technology

Both options require nine (9) core credit hours as follows: 

Depending on your selected option, up to nine (18) credit hours of Electives are required.  Sample electives are:

  • CIT 52200 Technology From a Global Perspective*
  • CIT 53500 Entrepreneurship in Information Technology*
  • CIT 55000 Organizational Impact of IT
  • CIT 55410 Management of IT Resources*
  • ECE 59500 Database Management and Design Techniques
  • Or other graduate courses approved by academic advisors

* These courses may be offered under TECH 58100 Workshop in Technology until the course numbers are approved.

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