Purdue University Graduate Programs in Computer and Information Technology

Graduate study in Computer and Information Technology (CIT) is an exciting way to expand your technical knowledge, gain new skills in research, and advance your career.  The program provides you with a solid base in data-driven decision-making coupled with a strong core in advanced IT.  

The CIT graduate program is taught by outstanding faculty who are actively involved in cutting-edge research. Many research projects are interdisciplinary, involving collaboration with schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Information, and Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

The department's research laboratories are well equipped and available to its students for their advanced projects and research. These laboratories are supported by a wide range of research grants from government agencies, industry, and private foundations.


MS in Cybersecurity & Trusted Systems (Purdue Degree)

From ransomware to phishing schemes, cybersecurity threats are the greatest challenge to information technology in the digital age. Channel your curiosity and passion for technology to become a cybersecurity professional. This MS program will prepare you to enter the workforce in the rapidly advancing field of cybersecurity, to enable you to address the security challenges and risks that industries encounter daily. Cybersecurity is a multidisciplinary area: it is a combination of information technology, computing, and engineering. This program will provide a solid, comprehensive background in the related topics of cybersecurity engineering and their applications.

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