Research for BME Undergraduates

Coordinator for Undergraduate Research

The Coordinator for Undergraduate Research is a resource for undergraduate students in BME. The Coordinator for Undergraduate Research:

  • advises undergraduate students regarding available research opportunities, funding sources, and the role of research in career development
  • seeks out new research opportunities for BME students in labs across the IUPUI and IU School of Medicine campus
  • connects undergraduate students with potential research advisors


Many BME undergraduates receive funding in the form of scholarships or stipends for doing research. Funding is available for both academic year research and summer research internships. Some of the most popular funding sources for undergraduate research at IUPUI are listed below.

  • Sponsors academic year and summer undergraduate research
  • Small teams (3-6) of undergraduate students led by group of faculty mentors
  • Ideal for students seeking new research opportunities and collaboration on a multidisciplinary team
  • Sponsors academic year and summer undergraduate research
  • Provides a grant for ongoing research
  • Ideal for students who already work in a research lab and would like to continue with their faculty mentor
  • Sponsors academic year research internships
  • Connects IUPUI undergraduates with research and/or professional experience internships on or near IUPUI's campus
  • Ideal for students interested in a formalized research internship that takes place over one academic year

LSAMP is a program to increase the number of minority students completing STEM degree programs. Learn more here. 

DSRP is for academically strong students who want to continuously engage in faculty-mentored research. Learn more here.