Undergraduate Programs

Biomedical Engineering is a vibrant and rapidly expanding field both in content and opportunities. As our technological infrastructure expands and our fundamental knowledge in the life sciences is now at the basic molecular level, Biomedical Engineers are poised to continue to make major advances.

There are about 100 Biomedical Engineering Departments and Programs in the US. Most offer graduate degrees at the MS and PhD level while only about half this number offer undergraduate degree programs.

ABET, Inc. lists about 25 accredited biomedical/bioengineering undergraduate degree programs. Many of these are more than 25 years old, but the fact that the number of programs has doubled in the past 5 years and that it takes at least 4 -5 years before a program is able to apply for accreditation the outlook is for a real boom in the number of accredited undergraduate programs in the coming years.

This commitment to growth in Biomedical Engineering education is concomitant with the industrial and research opportunities available to well trained graduates in the field.