PhD in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering PhD Program

PhD in Biomedical Engineering

The PhD in Biomedical Engineering is a Purdue University degree program administered through Indiana University on the campus of IUPUI. Upon successful completion of the academic and research requirements of the program, graduates are awarded a Purdue University degree for work completed on the Indianapolis campus.Typical applicants to the program have either an undergraduate or graduate degree in an engineering discipline. Outstanding students with degrees in related fields such as physics, chemistry, neuroscience, and biology may also be admitted to the program with the expectation that the background coursework in engineering and/or mathematics be addressed prior to admission or early in their plan of study.

The PhD in Biomedical Engineering degree program consists of 90 graduate level credit hours (including 60 research credit hours). Successful applicants with a Master's degree can petition to apply up to 21 credit hours of their graduate coursework and 9 credit hours of their master's thesis research hours towards their degree.

IUPUI Purdue School of Engineering PhD Program

IUPUI is now offering an on-site PhD program in Biomedical Engineering that is fully administered by the IUPUI BME department located in downtown Indianapolis. Our PhD program is the only Biomedical Engineering PhD program located in an urban health sciences campus in the State of Indiana. 

Some benefits of our program include an urban setting and extensive collaboration with clinical/biomedical researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine and IU Health System. Major research resources at the IUPUI campus include the IU Melvin & Bren Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, Indiana Center for Musculoskeletal Health, Indiana Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, IU Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, and Biomechanics & Biomaterials Research Center.

In addition to these rich research resources, students in the program have direct access to research, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities offered on the IUPUI campus. Prospective students interested in joining the research labs of faculty in the IUPUI BME Department are encouraged to apply to this program.

How to Apply

Founded in 1969 with the merger of the regional campuses of Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis, IUPUI has grown into the premier urban public research University in the state of Indiana. It is home to the Purdue School of Engineering & Technology as well as the IU School of Medicine, IU School of Nursing, and the IUPUI School of Science. Although IUPUI is part of a the multi-campus IU system, the University offers degrees programs leading to Purdue University or Indiana University degrees. The IUPUI PhD in BME degree is granted under the academic governance of the Purdue University system and leads to a Purdue University Diploma.

Applications at IUPUI, including programs within the Purdue School of Engineering, are administered through the IU Liaisons Application System (IU Graduate CAS). To begin, you must first create an IU Username and Passphrase. Purdue IDs are issued upon admission to the program.

Step 1: If you do not already have an IU Username and Passphrase, click the button below. 

Create Account

Step 2: Log into the IU Liaisons Application System (IU Graduate CAS) using your IU Username and Passphrase. 

Application Portal

Step 3: Search for the application form for IUPUI BME Graduate Program by clicking on "Filters", selecting "Campus", "see more", checking "IUPUI" and searching for "Biomedical Engineering"

Step 4: Complete and submit the application form making sure that PhD is selected for Degree Sought.