MD/MS in Biomedical Engineering

MD/MS in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering (BME) Department, together with the Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM), offer a dual degree program on the IUPUI campus that integrates a Master’s degree in BME with the Doctor of Medicine degree program. This dual degree allows medical students the opportunity for in-depth training in engineering and technology relevant to the clinic and translational research.

This program is available only to IUSM students on the Indianapolis campus. Students enrolled in IUSM will take a year away from the medical school curriculum to complete the necessary course work for the MS BME degree, thus allowing these students the benefit of earning a medical doctorate from Indiana University and a MS in BME from Purdue University right here on the same campus within 5 years.

How to Apply

Interested IUSM students should apply to the BME Master’s program 1 to 2 semesters before they want to start the MS program (typically in the fall). MD students should also consult with their IUSM advisors to find the best time to exit and return to their MD curriculum to minimize interruption to their medical training process. Contact the BME department for more information. 

Applications at IUPUI, including programs within the Purdue School of Engineering, are administered through the IU Liaisons Application System (IU Graduate CAS).

Step 1: Log into the IU Liaisons Application System (IU Graduate CAS) using your IU Username and Passphrase. 

Application Portal

Step 2: Search for the application form for IUPUI BME Graduate Program by clicking on "Filters", selecting "Campus", "see more", checking "IUPUI" and searching for "Biomedical Engineering"

Step 3: Complete and submit the application form making sure that MS is selected for Degree Sought.

Graduate School Admission Requirments

Applications are reviewed by the BME Graduate Education Committee (GEC) and evaluated using the same requirements as other applicants. These guidelines are described in detail in the BME MS Graduate Handbook. One exception is that MCAT scores will be accepted in place of the GRE.

Students with a non-BME or non-engineering undergraduate degree who are accepted into the program may be offered introductory or co-requisite graduate level courses aimed at bridging any deficiencies in math and engineering, with a focus on their specific area of concentration.

Plan of Study

The MS BME program requires a total of 30 credit hours. Medical school students can apply 12 credits from their medical school program toward the BME MS degree as part of this dual degree program. These medical school credits will satisfy graduate life science course requirements. The remaining 18 credit hours will include graduate BME or other engineering courses as well as a mathematical or statistics courses, to be taken in two semesters – typically in fall and spring semesters to minimize time away from the MD curriculum.


Plan of Study with a Non-Thesis option

  • 12 credit hours Graduate Biomedical Engineering (4 courses)
  • 3 credit hours Approved graduate Mathematics or Statistics (1 course)
  • 3 credit hours Approved graduate engineering electives (1 course)

Plan of Study with a Thesis Option

  • 3-9 credit hours Graduate Biomedical Engineering (4 courses)
  • 3 credit hours Approved graduate Mathematics or Statistics (1 course)
  • 0-3 credit hours Approved graduate engineering electives (1 course)
  • 6-9 credit hours Thesis Research

While the Master’s program consists primarily of two semesters of didactic coursework, it is possible to complete a thesis-based BME Master’s degree with this dual degree program. For IUSM students interested in completing a thesis project, they should arrange in advance with a faculty sponsor, and begin working on a research project as soon as possible. Please check with the MD/MS Program Handbook for more details.

MD/MS in BME Handbook

Download the MD/MS in BME handbook as a PDF.

MD/MS in BME Handbook


Teaching Assistantship: The TA provides partial financial support for expenses related to graduate tuition, program fees, student health insurance and/or living expenses. The TA requires at least 6 credits of degree-applicable coursework and up to 20 hours of service to the BME department (e.g. laboratory and/or recitation assistant, grading.) The TA is renewable each semester in response to available service opportunities in the BME department.

Dean’s Scholar: Scholarship of up to $4K per semester ($8K per academic year, excluding summer) is available to new, first-year, non-resident, full-time graduate students to apply toward tuition for courses taken in the School of Engineering and Technology.

Dual degree students electing to complete a thesis project are eligible for funding as a graduate research assistant.