Students with undergraduate engineering or science degrees have a number of options for graduate study in Biomedical Engineering at IUPUI.

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BME Graduate Programs

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Providing both thesis and non-thesis opportunities, the Biomedical Engineering Masters program offers students the opportunity to increase their understanding of BME depth areas through graduate level course work.

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5-Year BS in Neuroscience/MS in BME

This unique program is offered to undergraduate students pursuing a BS degree in Neursocience at IUPUI. Students wishing to increase their knowledge are eligible to pursue a one year Masters degree in BME.

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PhD in Biomedical Engineering

A PhD in BME at IUPUI offers opportunities for students to not only specialize within a BME depth area but also to connect with researchers in the department and in the Indiana School of Medicine. See below for research opportunities.

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MD/MS in Biomedical Engineering

IU School of Medicine MD students have the opportunity to add a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering to advance their training in engineering and technology relevant to the clinic and translational research. 

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